Feb 18 2018
Feb 18, 2018

Are you finding yourself proficient in a CMS?

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Are you finding yourself proficient in a CMS? How about outside one?
The CMS is serving an important purpose. Many top tech companies use CMSs. The problem is many developers have the experience where they’re learning web development and the CMS helps them get very far through templates and plugins, but after a while of developing in plugins and templates world they find themselves at the dead end. There is something lethal about the way you’re approaching the templates and plugins world that is different from the whole rest of the world of web development and they can’t break out of the CMS world.

In order to do that you should make a mindset change. You are a builder not a repurposer.
By making this mindset change you are going to learn an application-development skillset.
There are different skill sets you can choose from. Pick one!
- Frontend developer.
- Full stack developer.
- Backend developer.

To become a frontend developer, you should learn how to:
- Build responsive HTML/CSS layouts and pages from scratch;
- Work with JS Frameworks like: React, Angular, Vue…;
- Consume backend APIs;
- Setup (provision) static site webserver.

Full stack developer skillset:
- Everything from Frontend, PLUS:
• Install a DB locally and on production server;
• Build a backend app;
• Deploy that application to production;
• Use tech/language like: 
Node.js with Express.js
PHP Lumen, Laravel.

Backend developer skillset:
- Everything from Full stuck (but not Frontend), PLUS:
• Scale an app as traffic grows;
• Backup and restore databases;
• How to continuously test and deploy an application;
• How to deploy with Docker;

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Keep on coding!