About Me

Victor RusuMy name is Victor and I am a Web Developer. My passion for web development began in 2009. I began by using HTML and CSS - I’d make websites for different companies. I spent the next few years learning PHP and JavaScript and decided that Computer Programming was the subject I wanted to study at university. I spent the next few years learning new skills and gaining as much experience as I could. At university I learned PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, C, C++ and Prolog, but PHP was and still is my favorite programming language so I decided to focus on it.

I became proficient in PHP, working on a variety of projects as a freelancer. At Technical University of Moldova | TUM my final projects were a DataBase in C for a pharmacy and a CMS in PHP for websites. I earn my living as a web developer and this site is my attempt at sharing my knowledge through accessible lessons, tips, and examples.

Known for creating robust, high-speed web sites, my web development work has helped grow revenues, accelerate customer acquisition, increase web traffic and deliver an industry-leading competitive advantage. As a web developer focused on customer satisfaction, I manage all aspects of web development from concept to requirements definition, design, development, launch, maintenance and user support. I enjoy the client-facing role and working closely with team members to produce high-quality deliverables. I’m curious, and I enjoy work that challenges me to learn something new and stretch in a different direction.

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